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The Gero factory had its roots in the firm M.J. Gerritsen & Co. in Zeist. The factory was established in 1912. Gero was a typical twentieth-century company involved in the largescale production of silver-plated and tin utensils. Gero evolved into a household name for durability and quality in the Netherlands.

Gero produced cutlery in a range of styles, including smooth, pearl and filet. Gero manufactured its products in two qualities: Gero-Silver (silver-plated white metal) and Gero-Alpaca (polished white metal). The company started with forty employees. Over the years, the products achieved greater recognition. Gero-Silver was not limited to cutlery alone and luxury items, dinnerware and superior quality hotel silver were also manufactured. In 1930, Gero introduced the Zilmeta quality standard: a nickel, chrome and steel alloy that is still used today and is valid as a generally accepted quality standard. The Gero range was later expanded to include the Zilduro quality standard. Gero has grown to become a leading supplier of cutlery and pans and is synonymous with quality, durability and ingenious design.

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