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In 1851, Hendrik Berk manufactured milk churns, pots, pans, and cookware commissioned by private individuals and companies. Forty years later, he successfully coated his sheet metal beaten pans and containers with a layer of protective enamel. His achievements laid the foundation for BK, the company that continues to successfully supply millions of kitchens with pans to this day.

BK is a market leader at the forefront of smart applications and superior technology. Quality and ease of use go hand in hand with design and innovation. After extensive research and significant investment, the company shifted to manufacturing high-grade stainless steel pans in 1963. In those days this was a revolution in the cookware sector. One of BK's classic pan ranges, the BK Karaat, made its entry. Over half a century later, the popularity of this pan range has not diminished and the design serves as a basis for many other ranges.

The success of BK is visible: simply open a kitchen cupboard in any Dutch household for proof. BK pans last for generations. BK manufactures award-winning pan ranges, as well as chef's knives, cutting boards, kitchenware and cutlery. BK products are now available on a worldwide basis: from Kampen to China.

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